PORTFOLIO # 13 Reflection

Over the past year my writing capacity has improved immensely. Firstly, the writing assignments helped me to create a cohesive text. I was able to use formal vocabulary, good grammar, connectors and other important tools that made my writing cohesive. Secondly, I’ve learned how to organize my own writing. By defining a clear topic, I was able to develop my ideas in a coherent way. Using a thesis statement helped me to ensure that my essay had a clear flow and that every point was well developed and explained according to the main topic. Finally, in the last assignment I could put into practice everything that I’ve learnt throughout the whole year. In the essay assignment I had not only to analyse some topic but also to create my own position and backing it up with solid evidence.  This helped me to pay attention to every detail, take a position on a topic and organize my writing very carefully. In conclusion, I had a very positive experience with this class because it helped me to improve my writing capacity. This class helped me to understand the different aspects of the writing process and I feel that I can now express my ideas far more effectively.


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